International Women’s Day

Jessie Street National Women's Library

Jessie Street National Women’s Library is a wonderful resource for Body Image, self esteem and women in the media with its book and poster collections. Audio-visual material is not available at the moment as all VHS videos and sound cassettes are currently off our premises being digitised.

Using just three search terms – ‘body image, self esteem, women in the media’ – here is a small selection of relevant books:

  • Search for justice – a woman’s path to renewed self-esteem… by B.J. Holcombe.
  • Perfect women – hidden fears of inadequacy and the drive to perform. by Collette Downing.
  • Revolution from within – a book of self-esteem. by Gloria Steinem.
  • The body snatchers – how the media shapes women. by Cyndi Tebbel.
  • Good girls do swallow. by Rachael Oakes-Ash.
  • Forging identities – bodies, gender, and feminist history. University of W.A.Press.
  • Media she. by Patricia Edgar.
  • Women and advertising – a reference directory of research and material on the portrayal of women in advertising. by Office of the Status of Women, A.C.T.
  • Goals for women – improving media representation of women’s sport._ by Margaret Alston.
  • The portrayal of women in the Australian media – the missing story. AGPS, Canberra.
  • Bad girls – the media, sex and feminism in the 90s. by Catherine Lumby.
  • Why women? – gender issues and eating disorders. by Bridget Dolan.

These and many more titles can be found through the Library website, just click on ‘Collections’ then ‘Catalogue’ and follow the prompts.

We also have an exciting collection of about 1500 posters. These are now all digitised and will be made available soon on our website; meanwhile visitors to the Library’s premises in Ultimo may view the images on disc. Several posters refer to women’s media representation, self-esteem and body image.

Jane Pollard, Honorary Librarian
Jessie Street National Women’s Library
523-525 Harris Street, Ultimo.
January 2011