International Women’s Day

Shelley Alexander

Shelley was born with severe vision impairment and attended school in the Bundaberg area. Over the years Shelley has taken extensive training with Guide Dogs and has worked as a volunteer at the Tourist Information Bureau, Bundaberg and then with Guide Dogs Op Shop in Bundaberg. Shelley has been an active member with the Blind and Vision Impaired Friendship Group, Bundaberg for many years where she has undertaken various committee positions. She is a member of Blind Citizens Australia and has attended many seminars and workshops. She is an avid reader and keen traveller. Recently Shelley has overcome several obstacles and has travelled independently to Brisbane where she attended live theatre performance of West Side Story and was the first person in this area to experience an auto-described performance of this show. She then travelled independently back from Brisbane to attend other live performances at local theaters.

I feel that Shelley is an inspiration to any person who has severe sensory loss.

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Story contributed by Ron Doyle.