International Women’s Day

Rita Cumbo

Rita Cumbo
Rita Cumbo

Rita is an inspirational advocate for tapping the potential of children with learning disabilities, empowering primary school aged students with literacy and numeracy skills; community activism, and social justice.

Rita is an Integration Aid Assistant at her local primary school, working diligently in the classroom and school library to foster students’ passion for learning. She works on an individual basis with children with Autism and other learning disabilities, understanding their learning style and tailoring class work to best appeal to the student. She boosts students’ self-esteem and empowers them to be more creative, inquisitive and imaginative in Maths and English. She is loved by all of her students, and you know when she’s nearby as she’s trailed by her young fans vying for more attention – “Miss Rita! Miss Rita!”

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Rita has been an active member of her parish community for over 20 years during which she has held many leadership and advocacy roles. With her husband, she leads the coordination of the annual inter-church Christmas Grocery Appeal, from which some 70 food hampers are collated and distributed to needy families in the locality. She visits the sick and house-bound, providing outreach and distributing Holy Communion. She has an endearing presence in the community, opening her heart and home to those who are isolated and in need of consolation.

Rita is a warm spirited, compassionate and generous woman who is a role model for her family, friends, and even acquaintances. She inspires me to be more humble and generous with my time and talents, as my mother and friend, and I think she is most worthy of recognition as one whom inspires, takes action and has vision for the betterment of her local community.

Story contributed by Nicolette Cumbo.