International Women’s Day

Natalie Fletcher

Natalie Fletcher
Natalie Fletcher

Natalie is an English immigrant who currently lives in Blackbutt, Queensland. When I worked part-time with Natalie at the Department of Main Roads, she continued to pursue her passion for creating hand-made clay jewellery at home. She creates each pottery bead, pendant or cabochon, then individually glazes and fires them in her home kiln.

This year, Natalie’s work has become even more outstanding. She is focussing her time on making the clay pieces into spectacular works of art, leaving her customers to assemble the products into jewellery themselves.

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The reason Natalie inspires me is because she has made a successful business out of doing something she is passionate about. She is a talented artist, and seems to have increased her skills in peripheral activities such as website creation, on-line networking and photography which in turn supports the business she is passionate about.

The photo was taken at her property in Blackbutt, with goats.

More information about Natalie can be found at Peruzi

Story contributed by Samantha Green.