International Women’s Day

Marlene Kanga

Dr Marlene Kanga was the immediate past chair of Women in Engineering national committee. She is a chemical engineer by training and is an expert in risk engineering.

Marlene not only has been very successful in her career, she also has been the key pioneer in women in engineering in Australia. Since I have known Marlene from 2006, she dedicates her time, her experiences and her skills to women in engineering.

During the time Marlene was the chair of women in engineering, she successfully guided the year of women in engineering in 2007, increasing the awareness of women in engineering. Marlene also spends her own time and money to travel overseas to spread the good work of women in engineering in Australia. She single handedly won the 15th International Conference for Women in Engineering and Scientist to be held in Australia in 2011. From bidding preparation to conference organisation, Marlene has put in her heart and soul.

Marlene is an inspiration for me and many people, her contribution to women in engineering and engineers profession is second to none!

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Story contributed by Michelle Shi-Verdaasdonk.