International Women’s Day

Chloe Amos

Chloe is my cousin and she recently overcame her battle with anorexia. She inspires me because although she was facing a life threatening illness, she was still kind and loving to all around her. Her battle started with a usual fitness regime, only this time she would not stop running. She seriously ran everywhere. The family noticed this but did not know what to say. It was only when I sat down with her that we realized how serious this was. She has lost so much weight that her body no longer functioned properly. All this time, throughout her entire internal struggle, she had said nothing to us. However, once we address the problem, she began to heal, and I have never seen anyone try so hard to succeed. She struggled, but she never gave up. She is my idol because she was able to overcome her demons, and is now helping her friend in the same position. On reflection, Chloe believe that the trigger was the images of underweight models, and the pressure from society to be thin. This is what we must work together to demolish.

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Story contributed by Hannah Murnane.