International Women’s Day

Antonieta Nazar

Antonieta Nazar first migrated from Chile to live in Australia in 1974. For years she worked in different factories as she was still learning English and couldn’t get an office job, up until she had her 2 children. From that moment on she involved herself with many volunteer projects like being a tuck shop lady, uniform shop volunteer and recently knitting beanies for the homeless and making children’s clothes for different overseas charities.

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An avid sewer, she even started up the Tea Tree Gully Quilters in the 1980’s from the living room of her home and now the group has grown enough to require a hall to meet every week.

She is strong but fair and won’t stand for injustice but this doesn’t mean she is serious all the time, she can tell you ten jokes at the drop of a hat. A sociable person, she never let her limited English in the early years in Australia stop her from forming many friendships and today has a large social circle that she can call upon for help and vice versa.

Now a qualified translator and card making teacher, she helps those around her whenever they need and they know that they can depend on her. This woman is my mother, and the reason she inspires me is because she has a determination to get whatever task done and done right.

A generous soul, she encourages people to make the most out of life and that you can never underestimate the value of a good education. She is one of the people in my life that has shaped me into believing that I can achieve anything if I want it enough and am willing to work for it.

Because of her and my father Ricardo, I am capable of reaching the goals I set and am strong enough to withstand the toughest of times. She is an inspiration to me everyday.

Story contributed by Cristina Nazar.