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Who inspires you?
Is there a woman that has inspired you?
Your mother, grandmother, daughter? Best friend, neighbour or a public figure?

Share your story and tell us how you have been inspired by adding a comment below


Alee Lee
Alee Lee — 27 January, 2011 at 11:44 am

Wow!!! Congratulations ERA on this fabulous website. Isis – the Eating Issues Centre located in West End, Brisbane, QLD Australia is very excited to be a part of this campaign and wholeheartedly support your efforts. It is so inspiring to see all the great things that are already being done to promote change in the way women think about and relate to their bodies. As an Isis counsellor and project worker, I am continually inspired by the women who say “No” to this diet obsessed culture and who despite mass media and unhealthy body ideals are choosing to LOVE their bodies, opening up to LIFE and shifting their focus to Being an Inspiration to peers and younger girls. That is why we are beginning a Peer Mentor Program in schools this year looking at how we can assist young people in supporting one another in finding alternative ways to challenge these ideals and throught their unlimited creativity promote change. The women who inspire me are those that I have worked with who have found their way beyond eating issues and body hatred and are now eager to support other young women in changing the world around them. I am excited that ERA is a part of the growing network of support available to these young women. Thankyou for such a great website :)

Garmisch Riley
Garmisch Riley — 28 January, 2011 at 08:51 am

Thanks Alee!
Yes I agree with you, support is so important, what you’re doing with the Peer Mentor Program is such a positive motivation. We need more programs like that!