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Garmisch Riley, Equality Rights Alliance

Meet our bloggers

Garmisch Riley, Equality Rights Alliance writes on

I’m excited to introduce to you, the four lovely ladies that will share with us their thoughts on Body Image. Join them in the conversation over the next four weeks, which will start straight after our launch!

The bloggers are:
Carly, the fashion blogger from Smaggle
Dannielle, the CEO and co-founder of Enlighten Education and from The Butterfly Effect
Cakie, a professional writer and dreamer from Cakie Belle
Natalie, who is passionate about activism through blogging from

Blogger Profiles

Carly Jacobs

Carly Jacobs is a fashion blogger, freelance writer, jeweller, designer, actor and general preacher of positivity. She’s been a regular contributor at Australian Cleo magazine and she’s also been featured in Cosmopolitan and Bust magazines. As editor of Smaggle and shopping writer at Lustable she spends her days writing, procrastinating on Facebook, drinking black coffee and trying to find people to play with.

Dannielle Miller

Dannielle Miller is a major innovator and expert in the field of education and student welfare. Dannielle is the CEO and co-founder of Enlighten Education, which provides girls with training and support to stand up to limiting media and social messages.

In 2009, as part of its Next 100 series, The Weekend Australian newspaper named Dannielle as Australia’s no 1 Emerging Leader in Learning. She works with thousands of girls across Australia each year and makes regular media appearances to advise on teen issues. Author of teen parenting book The Butterfly Effect (Random House Australia, September 2009), she is also an avid blogger. She is featured in education journals, her articles have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, and she is a popular speaker at youth and education conferences and forums.

See Dannielle’s latest interview on the Kerri-Anne Show: Should You Tell Your Daughter She Is Fat?

Cakie Belle

Cakie Belle is a professional writer, dreamer, cake fanatic, body image advocate and self love crusader, on a mission to promote healthy self esteem, body confidence and true beauty.

Cakie passionately believes in the the magic of being unique and actively rejects the superficial, narrow-minded and unrealistic definition of beauty presented by the modern media. Cakie hopes to remind women that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages, and inspire, educate and encourage girls to love their bodies for the gorgeous miracles they are.

Natalie Perkins

Natalie Perkins writes for her personal blog,, about being fat, wearing clothes, making art and being human in Brisbane, Australia. Natalie is passionate about activism through blogging and has helped a number of fat activists establish blogs. In 2009 she created Axis of Fat and Deathfatties as web spaces for fat activism and fatshion powered by the community.

Refusing to play well with the Australian fashion industry and bloggerati’s erasure of bodies that don’t conform to the accepted ideal, she turns up visibly fat to events and doesn’t read fashion magazines. Her personal style leans towards the sublimely overdressed while maintaining nostalgia for ’90s riot grrrl sensibilities.

Find her tweeting as @definatalie.