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Action What do you think about Body Image?

560 signatures!

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Thanks to you, 560 signatures have been sent to Minister Garrett to promote positive Body Image in just 10 weeks!

The campaign has now come to an official close and we would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. We also want to give a big shout out to all those working behind the scenes we thank you.

Missed out on signing the petition? No worries! Why not send him your own email.

Copy and paste the wording below and send it to Minister Garrett and email to or post it to his address

The Hon Peter Garrett MP
Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Minister Garrett,

Body Image matters for young women. Yet media, fashion and advertising industries continue to promote unrealistic and unhealthy images of women. This goes against the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct for Body Image. To celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day in 2011, I’m asking you as Minister for Youth to put the Code of Conduct into force. In the next 12 months, let’s secure 100 media, fashion and advertising agencies as compliant with the Code of Conduct. Let’s publicly promote these 100 agencies and let’s give young women a chance to see images of natural women with real beauty.

Sign your name and postcode then send it off.

Garmisch Riley, Equality Rights Alliance

400+ signatures!

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To date, over 400 people have signed the online petition to tell Minister Garrett, he needs to do more to promote positive Body Image! Only 5 days to left to sign the eCard. Let’s see if we can reach 500 for both online and signed postcards of the campaign!

Equality Rights Alliance

Motion on Body Image Passed!

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The motion on Body Image was passed yesterday!

On Wednesday 23 March, Senator Louise Pratt (WA, Australian Labor Party) and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young (Australian Greens) moved that the Senate:

  • applauds the important work of Equality Rights Alliance, led by YWCA Australia, to promote and strengthen the code; and
  • notes that as Australia’s largest network of organisations advocating for women’s equality, women’s leadership and acknowledgement of the diversity of women, Equality Rights Alliance celebrated 100 years of International Women’s Day held on Tuesday, 8 March 2011, with ‘Sharing Young Women’s Stories’, a project to promote positive body image.
Garmisch Riley, Equality Rights Alliance

Campaign continues for another two weeks

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Due to an overwhelming response, we’ve decided to continue the online campaign to fight negative Body Image for another two weeks. Let’s keep sending those eCards!

You now have until Wednesday 6 April to share, sign and send the eCard. Be part of our Body Image campaign today!

Equality Rights Alliance

Only 2 days to go!

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Our Body Image campaign is coming to a close. You have until Wednesday 23 March to sign the petition to promote positive Body Image! Can you find five people to sign and send an eCard to Minister Garrett? Do you think we need to do more?

Natalie Perkins,

Representation and normalisation for love

Natalie Perkins, writes on 4 comments

Why I blog about my outfits.

Hello, I’m Natalie and I blog about my art, my body and my activism. It’s hard to describe what I do and what I talk about for a new audience because I’ve realised I have taken my own audience for granted up until now. So, to introduce here my activism for fat bodies and body image it feels quite overwhelming and scary. I’ll start at the beginning though – I am fat. When I say this to strangers they usually tell me, “oh but you’re not fat!” when in actuality I am fat. I have reclaimed the “f word” in a culture that has demonised it and the bodies it lives within. Western culture rewards bodies that fall into the norm, and so if you’re not the norm (most of us!) or if you’re not working towards the norm (by NOT dieting, NOT wearing “flattering clothes” or NOT being ashamed of our body) you fall into a category of person that is often ignored, insulted and patronised. It’s not just the media that does this, the practice of demonising bodies that aren’t typical follows us into our daily lives; when we go to the doctor for a cold and are admonished for being fat, when we go to lunch and feel ashamed about eating too much in public, or when we are with friends and talking about the ways in which we hate our bodies.

Cakie Belle

Body Love Revolution

Cakie Belle writes on 3 comments

There’s something scary happening in Hollywood. One by one, the women on our magazine covers and TV screens are becoming oddly alike. Their faces are strangely smooth and their expressions are unsettlingly frozen. Botox injections are as regular as manicures, bizarre procedures (like butt implants!) are increasingly common and boob jobs are basic requirements. Some famous women in their 50s look startlingly similar to their 20-year-old counterparts and one particular young starlet is well-known for undergoing a staggering 10 cosmetic procedures in a single day.

Dannielle Miller

The Battle Within

Dannielle Miller writes on 5 comments

A young English girl who calls herself ‘Mememolly’ started a phenomenon on YouTube when she posted ‘something of an apologetic love letter’ to her body in 2007. She listed parts of her body – her feet, arms, ears, eyes – and talked about why she appreciated them. A flood of people responded by posting their own video responses in which they told the world how they feel about their bodies.

Inspired by them, on the morning that I turned 38, I sat down and wrote my own letter of thanks to my body.

Carly Jacobs

The Skinny Jeans Obsession

Carly Jacobs writes on 9 comments

What do your ‘skinny jeans’ look like? You know, your magic jeans? The jeans that have outlasted most of your significant relationships, the jeans that at joyful moments throughout your adulthood actually fit you? The jeans that you keep as your ultimate yard stick of body measurement?

My skinny jeans are dark denim, straight leg Jags that I’ve had since my early 20s. They fit me… most of the time. Occasionally though, in the five odd years that I’ve owned them they reach varying levels of unwearable. Either far too baggy… or far too tight.

Garmisch Riley, Equality Rights Alliance

Meet our bloggers

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I’m excited to introduce to you, the four lovely ladies that will share with us their thoughts on Body Image. Join them in the conversations over the next four weeks, which will start straight after our launch!

Our guest bloggers are:
Carly, the fashion blogger from Smaggle
Dannielle, the CEO and co-founder of Enlighten Education and from The Butterfly Effect
Cakie, a professional writer and dreamer from Cakie Belle
Natalie, who is passionate about activism through blogging from

Garmisch Riley, Equality Rights Alliance

Last chance to join us for our launch!

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Join us for the official launch of Sharing Young Women’s Stories on Wednesday 9th February at 6:15pm at The Front Gallery & Cafe, Lyneham, ACT.

The launch will be hosted by Cassie Gillis, co-owner of Dynamic Studies and we have two wonderful speakers lined up for you, Charlie Hunter, Health & Fitness Director and Carly Jacobs, fashion blogger and our first guest blogpost! Throughout the evening enjoy the music of the Sienna Aguilar Trio as you have some nibbles and be one of the first to send our Avant Card postcard to Minister Garrett!

RSVP close today!

Garmisch Riley, Equality Rights Alliance

At an Avant Card stand near you

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The postcards are now available for you to pick up, send, share and stick up on your wall! You can find them on Avant Card stands at your local High School and at a bunch of cafes and restaurants in the capital cities. If you see one on the stand, take a photo and post it on facebook.

Equality Rights Alliance

Share your Story

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Who inspires you?
Is there a woman that has inspired you?
Your mother, grandmother, daughter? Best friend, neighbour or a public figure?

Garmisch Riley, Equality Rights Alliance

Welcome to Sharing Young Women's Stories

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Thanks for dropping by, I’m Garmisch and I coordinated this project with the help of some fabulous people. I’m very excited to have the new IWD website up and running!

We’re looking forward to celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day with you. So, wherever you are in Australia, your voice matters! For the next six weeks we are opening the floor to you.